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Trees and forestry work

Árboles y trabajos forestales

Trees are the largest and, above all, the longest-living organisms in your garden. The actions we carry out on them, regarding their care, can have irreversible consequences. Their health, as well as the requirements or deficiencies that they may suffer, the edaphology of the soil, the appearance of pathogens, as well as the execution of pruning which, if not carried out properly, can compromise the resistance and life of the tree.

There is a growing awareness that trees are a living heritage that we must conserve. Their longevity and the fact that they are unique elements that have personalised the landscape throughout history, make it essential to ensure that they are properly managed and maintained.

We offer a comprehensive tree management service: 

  • From planting the tree and its maintenance to ensure its adequate development.
  • Soil analysis and physicochemical properties of the water.
  • When using endotherapy, we use an injection system that is respectful with the trees. 
  • Evaluations of the state of the tree, structural reinforcements, etc.
  • We carry out pruning and felling of ornamental trees for gardening or forestry, felling of dead or unviable palms and shredding and removal of the resulting remains.

trabajos forestales

Forestry work

We carry out felling and thinning of forest stands.

Cleaning and clearing of estates, plots and roads.

We carry out preventive forestry. We consider Mediterranean forestry as the set of techniques used to obtain benefits or services in forest ecosystems; however, in our area in Mallorca, it will always be of a conservative and preventive nature. We work on the modification or elimination of vegetation to prevent forest fires from occurring, to delay their spread and mitigate damage. We carry out linear actions, forest strips and also

Create fire-safe defensible zones for properties within woodlands.

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